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Understanding your needs, respecting your preferences, valuing your time, reflecting your branding, delivering your message with clarity — Chorus Call supports you, the investor relations professional. Chorus Call’s broad range of proprietary communication services allows you to select the right medium for your message — the one that will help facilitate the kind of connection you need to make with your audience.

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Why Choose Us?

Chorus Call Canada has been a member of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute since we opened our doors. We do our best to keep informed on what matters to investor relations professionals and determine how new services can support the IR community. Every member of the Chorus Call Canada team is trained to deliver our services at the level expected in the C-Suite of Canada’s largest companies.
We don’t need contracts to bind our clients; our superior service keeps our clients coming back.
Need to pull together a conference call, webcast or video conference on short notice? No problem! We have a 24 hour reservation line and we’ll gladly do our best to meet your timeline. Call us at 1-800-319-3929 or email us now to tell us what you need.
You will only be charged for the actual number of minutes used per participant to the minute. These details will be reflected on your invoice. With the exception of extremely large volume calls, Chorus Call will not ask you to reserve lines in advance and will not charge you for lines that are not actually used.
Chorus Call delivers the teleconference, webcasting or webinar services we offer using our own proprietary technology and software and our own Chorus Call employees. We are entirely responsible for the quality of the service you receive.
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